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About us

The company Land of Drones, s.r.o. was founded in 2015 and is part of the Cimex Group.

The Cimex Group has been operating on the Czech market since 1990 and owns a number of office buildings in Prague and Karlovy Vary. The Cimex Group includes a network of OREA Hotels & Resorts, which are located throughout the Czech Republic. The value of the company’s portfolio is currently estimated at 8 billion Czech korunas. More information about the Cimex Group can be found at The Cimex Group invests in a wide range of development projects. In addition to office buildings and hotels, for example, it is the operator of Dlabačov Multi-Purpose Centre.

In October 2015, the Land of Drones opened its first specialized showroom in the Czech Republic, located in the Hotel Pyramida at Prague-Břevnov. We offer comprehensive services, in which we see an added value for our clients. They include pre-sale preparation of drones, such as software installation, battery charging, equipment calibration, as well as practical information about how to operate your multicopter and your personal interest in flying.

An integral part of the activities of Land of Drones is emphasis on the development of services in the field of drones, documentation using videos and postproduction. We are able to go anywhere and shoot any video. We are a stable and experienced team for which nothing is impossible. We work with our clients individually and strive to find the best possible solutions for them. We will also accommodate customers who already have a drone.

We can also insure your drone for accidents and liability.

We also offer training and workshops, so that you can navigate this emerging field that is fast and literally packed with innovations. We want you to be maximally informed about this most interesting area. Together we will show you our "drone world".

Your Land of Drones team